Success Revolves around Habits in Lifestyle

From afar, many people think success comes because a person is smart. Given what I’ve seen, I think it is hardly the case in most situations. I’ve read many books and talked to several people who I would consider successful. Usually they have a great family, make lots of money, and are genuinely happy. It takes time to build this all up, but it starts with good habits, which in turn formulate your lifestyle to aim for your most important goals in life.

For instance, when I notice people who try to lose weight, they develop habits that contribute to this goal. They start exercising intensely on a regular basis, usually at least 4 days a week. They change the snacks they eat – instead of a bag of chips they munch on carrots or bananas. They start to eat daily balanced meals composed of good nutrition, proteins, fibers, and whatever else a nutritionist would advise them to do. But most importantly, they measure themselves against their goals – in which case that means getting on that scale at least once a week to see if progress is made. It’s simple, because if there is no progress, it means they need to make more changes to their habits, which again leads to a chance in their lifestyle. They never lose sight of what they want, and they will continue to safely change and modify what is necessary to reach that end goal.


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