Executing the Plan

I clearly understand now why people make plans. Because one thing is for sure – executing and succeeding on the plan is a feeling like none other. I can remember it like yesterday when I made trips out to Starbucks at night to put together my real estate business plan. At the time, I was hopeful but yet doubtful at the same time. I didn’t know how to judge if the plan was even realistic. Who was I to call myself a self-proclaimed investor? All that was certain at the time was I had a Lenovo laptop in front of me, and a Starbucks tall-size plain coffee on the same table to sip on. That’s how I started and it was up to me to make it happen.

I recall spending my time and money roaming through different cities on weekends to get a feel for what was going on. I checked out party cities, hick towns, the boonies, beach cities, and many others. It was never clear what was the right decision. In school, if you didn’t make the right decision on a test, you’d be penalized. But in life…it doesn’t work that way – the penalty comes from not making a decision. When you don’t decide, you’re stuck. When you’re stuck, you no longer move forward.

When I finally made a decision to pick the cities to invest in, I no longer thought of it as whether or not I chose the correct cities. I saw it this way: I made a choice, and it’s up to me to make it the correct choice. Making the choice is a big step, but far from the last. Throughout the last two years this was so evident because although I picked a city I felt was correct, 80% of the homes I saw were incorrect. So a decision isn’t considered right or wrong persay, it’s really a matter of whether you choose to make it suit your needs. It makes sense why it’s common to hear that the cards dealt to you in life is mostly insignificant – it’s how you play with the cards dealt to you.

When I chose the cities, the cards were dealt to me. But if I didn’t play those cards right, the decision could easily have been the worst one. If anything, the only thing I see as being correct is choosing to trust in yourself to make your life is fulfilling as possible.


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