Looking forward to the New Year

It’s only January 2nd and I cannot help but think through the planned major events for this year. My family and I are expecting lots to change this year, and all for the better. There’s enormous pressure to execute successfully, but the best part is there is no real sense of doubt inside us. 2011 went by remarkably fast. I remember it like yesterday when I was trying to run again during physical therapy. Shortly after my heart was broken once again. The memories are so vivid but so much time has already passed. Because of the quick passage of time, I am much more inclined to be proactive in pushing for my goals and my family’s goals.

Based on the past few months before 2011 ended, two things dawned on me. It could be a new years resolution per say, but the items are not so concrete:

  1. Don’t stress over the things I have no control over
  2. Let go and embrace the past, but do not forget

At times I can be somewhat of a worry wort, and it’s no surprise since my character is very much like a caretaker. I want things to go smoothly and not have others worry. I grew up in somewhat of a chaotic life (probably due to being poor), and thus I’ve naturally forced myself to constantly push for peace. Deep down I want to be a hero. But unfortunately in the process I’m constantly worrying that something will go wrong, and I want to have the solution ready before it happens. This can be a variation of a premonition, but it’s useless if I start losing control and surrender to it – there needs to be a balance. If anything, I should be able to find comfort in my past – I’ve always managed to come up with a way to deal with any problem that comes my way.

I never forget my past, but sometimes I have trouble letting go. It’s important not to forget because our past is the source of our present character, but more importantly it is the source of our wisdom. Hence embrace the past, but let go and come to terms with what has happened.