My thoughts from Vipassana

I been meaning to write some time ago since returning home from my 10 day meditation retreat. But things happened so fast. I needed a week to catch up with my life, and then I started working on my resume to find a new job – long story short, 3 weeks later I had an offer on the table and I am soon to start a new and exciting job!

Many that know me asked: Why? Where? How? What do you expect to get out of it?

Knowing why is OK. Where is simply logistical. How was still to be determined. But I realized, thinking about what to expect is not the way to do it. Meditation focuses on the depths of your own mind. Going in with expectations would prevent your mind from letting it naturally heal and grow during the meditation process. This explains why the teacher didn’t allow us to speak to anyone for 10 days. He wanted us to understand and absorb meditation as our own mind would understand.

So what happened with me? For 10 days, I became calm and managed to better disconnect my mind from emotions. During the meditation sessions, nothing “great” happened because I was only focused on mastering the technique. It was during those moments of breaks and personal silence outside of meditation that thoughts surfaced up.  My emotions were in check – I was purely in a state of mind that was emotionally disconnected, which allowed me to analyze and ponder in a very practical manner. Things that bothered me no longer seemed as bad. Problems all of a sudden became trivial But most importantly, I came out with the courage to make a change in my life.

If you are reading this and want to try this technique of meditation, don’t go into it thinking about what I wrote here. Go into it with a blank state of mind and let your mind wander by itself while it is being exercised with this technique. Use it as time to understand yourself.

If any readers have questions, feel free to leave comments and I’ll respond when I get a chance!


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