Cutting Down On Meat

I thought it would be a good idea to be vegetarian this year, but then quickly realized it may not be a good idea to some of the folks around me. So instead, I decided to cut down on meat consumption. Of course, I need some hard rules to follow to make this happen. Just saying “cut down on meat” is too ambiguous. I’ve broken it down into separate scenarios as to how I will handle meat consumption.

At home with my parents:

  • OK to eat meat, but in small quantities
  • Consume larger ratio of veggies

Food packaged from mom:

  • Meat is OK to take if she prepared a lot, but do not take a large portion

Eating on my own:

  • No Meat

Eating with my girlfriend:

  • Encourage her to cook less meat and more tofu
  • But it is OK to eat meat if she cooks it
  • Use similar approach as with my parents

Eating out with friends or coworkers:

  • OK to eat meat if there isn’t any vegetarian entrees available, otherwise always order vegetarian
  • Pick fish over meat if available

Items that are OK to consume:

  • Eggs
  • Meat broth, but without meat

Did I miss a scenario? Leave a comment and keep me honest!


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