The World through a different lenses

Time has passed much quicker than I would have liked. I do wonder if anyone reads what I write, as I have not received a comment for a long time.

I have been up in the air for the last 2 weeks, barely having time to see and connect with people I care about. I’m starting to see why some folks only stick to traveling jobs for a few years before realizing what the job is really like. Not to say that I am ungrateful; I am happy I am employed and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. Its simply a question of whether this will be a good fit in the long term.

Vipassana has been a blessing and a curse at the same time. The blessings probably don’t need to be discussed any further, as my past posts have mostly been centered around the benefits of what I have gotten after finishing July of last year. The curse, which I know will eventually pass, is the less desirable side of the world. For example, greed, envy, and jealously have become so much more apparent to me. By no means is this a new concept, as I always knew human nature is more than capable of the characteristics I mentioned. But it becomes hard to take in when I see it in my friends, or friends of friends. These are the folks I have spent time with on a casual basis, but now because of what I see, I can no longer have the same kind of relationship with them. Most of the problems stem from comparison of material achievements.

I do understand that some people will always stay this way, so my best bet is to treasure the ones close to me that are not like this. Slowly but surely I am coming to accept this. The new lenses that I am wearing now feels more like permanent lasik eye surgery.