Leaving it to Chance

Life never ceases to amaze me. Last Wednesday I gave notice to my CEO to resign from my job. It no longer felt right. I was suffering health issues. I couldn’t convince myself each morning to get out of bed unless I had some excuse to do so. It no longer felt like I was living. As of right now, I am set to leave by the beginning of July, so that there is enough time to transition my work to another team member.

Shortly right after a friend loaned me her copy of Quiet by Susan Cain. In a matter of five days, I’ve managed to read more than half of the book (considering how slow of a reader I am).  From what I have read so far, it’s become more clear as to why my last job. I thought to myself, “Wow, what timing! How is it that this book happen to come at this particular moment when I needed it most.” A few days into it, it hit me: nothing is coincidental about this book, the only difference about now versus before is that my mind has finally decided to open up to ideas about my introversion ways. Like for instance, my desire to be solo at coffee shops while I either blog or read books. Or my preference for seeing clients one on one to understand their pain points instead of pulling a dozen people into one room. Or why I am extra sensitive to societal injustice. Or specifically in regards to my current job – why I prefer a slow, steady, and focused quality approach to my work instead of finishing as soon as possible.

I feel relaxed right now because I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Yet I do wonder where the next phase of my life will take me. But I’m not a total introvert – right now I’m open to leaving my life to chance once again.


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