One Of Those Cool Nights

With the amount of flexible time given back to me due to unemployment, it’s easier to just get out there and look at the world with a different set of eyes. I remember when I was still working my busy job, if I went out I wasn’t really enjoying the moment. I would either think about how I’m glad it’s Friday, or worried about what needs to happen when I go in Monday. It’s like my body went for a night out, but my mind didn’t follow along.

Earlier tonight my buddy brought one of his friends to join us at a bar. Luckily I was able to quickly strike up a conversation with her because we went to the same university. But that wasn’t the key topic. We got excited talking about furniture. That’s right, furniture – you’re probably sitting on one as you’re reading this.

I’ve always had an innate fascination with how businesses work. All of the intense details of a business operation spark my interest – even down to how she worked the delivery and transportation of furniture. We talked about how she made an effort to improve perceived value of a sofa and love seat. How is it possible that she can make a $50 love seat sell for $1300? From which cities did the best stuff come from? Is bullshit literally what made you the extra $1000?

It was fascinating because…well this is simply what I find fascinating. Had I not needed to take a restroom break, the conversation might have continued for so much longer. It was nice that I learned a lot from her, but ultimately what made this conversation so good was that I connected with someone on a very non-superficial level. She talked about something she loved to do, and it became something I loved to discuss with her. In other words, I had a chance to understand somebody based on who they are.

The night was exhilarating to say the least – just because I managed to have a deep connection with someone. Seriously, this is what life is about.


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