Detachment from Money

*Crossing Fingers* – I was supposed to start my new job tomorrow, Monday, but due to outstanding background checks I will start Wednesday at the earliest or the following Monday at the latest. This brings my unpaid vacation to almost 8 weeks.

Like most, I initially freaked out when I was into the first few weeks. After starting my first full time job out of college, the most I have gone without pay was one week (that was during the job transition). I felt like my world would come to halt if there was more money going out than coming in, and no definite timeframe in the future in which more would come in.

Now that 7 weeks have passed, it doesn’t feel the same anymore. I no longer worry about money not coming in, I think more about whether I have enough to accomplish what I want to do. I feel like money is no longer as controlling as it once was. While money is limited and precious for sustaining life, I don’t have that utter sensation of money being the almighty powerful; in other words I no longer feel like I am slave to it.

I will use money when I want to. I will make money when I want to. I will find ways to not use money when possible. In the end I do need money, as anyone does, but it will not dictate the majority of my actions because I have the ability to go get it when I need it. Having that confidence to know that money can be obtained when needed frees up our mind to focus on the fundamentals of ourself.



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