Just a Thought about Self-Awareness

I woke up this morning with just barely enough sleep to function throughout the day, but yet the day still turned out just fine. I took an awareness to my mindset in two particular events today – lunch and dinner.

The day in general was very productive. I was almost irritated with my laptop because it had rebooted itself during the weekend (probably due to some updates pushed out by the IT department), so I lost some work that wasn’t save prior to locking my machine. But no worries, I remembered what I did and plowed through the work again, but at a much faster and accurate pace. I finished a software defect and moved it over to the next team. By then it was lunch time, and here is where I noticed something: I was able to control my appetite and I managed to order a veggie burger special, and avoided the unhealthy stuff that I sometimes get and end up regretting later in the day. I also throughly enjoy the veggie burger, and felt better about myself for not eating an unhealthy meal. A good example of the opposite would be going to a buffet.

My afternoon was just as productive as the morning. I left the office mentally tired, but not terribly exhausted or frustrated. I made my weekly stop at Trader Joe’s on my way home, and remembered all the veggie items I wanted for my breakfast omelet. The, for dinner, I was able to easily convince myself to pick up the falafel wrap instead of an unhealthy burrito. There were other nights were I ended up driving myself to a buffet because I had ended work so exhausted and frustrated from having a bad or unproductive day for various reasons.

When my mind was at peace for the majority of the day, it was very easy to make good lifestyle choices. I managed to pick a healthy lunch so that I wouldn’t fall asleep in the afternoon. On bad days I sometimes found myself driving to the local Japanese buffet to get lunch. I made myself feel better about it by inviting a coworker so that it felt more like a social outing instead of me trying to cope with something. Who am I fooling? Only myself. The same went for dinner with the falafel wrap. Besides the unhealthy burrito, on another night I ate at a Mongolian BBQ buffet. Neither of which were good for me. The falafel wrap, on the other hand, was delicious and I felt just fine after eating it.

I also forgot to mention I had a really good physical session therapy today.

It’s becoming more and more clear that it all starts at the mind. Our actions and the environment we live in do reflect our mental state. The good choices are easy to make when we feel good about ourselves. The bad and unhealthy ones come when we want to cope with something we’re unhappy about.

Just a thought – nothing more, nothing less.


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